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Name: Tracey
Age: 59
City: Sacramento, CA (95826)
Member Number: 6817
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I am a Female who is seeking Men for Marriage within 100 miles of Sacramento (95826).
About the person I would like to meet:
Non-smoker, Height /weight proportional, 5'7 but less than 511. Ideally married before and with older children who dont live at home, physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially stable. You will look amazingly dashing in a pair of old blue jeans. Together, we will have crackling chemistry.
What I Do For Fun
Favorite Activity #1
Family and Friends
Having people over for a BBQ and swim is fun. Boating/camping on the river or at a lake is a big favorite of mine as well but I currently do not own a boat. Instead, I own a motorcycle. Tahoe, San Francisco, the coast, are all fun places to visit. My passport is current and I am planning a trip to Sicily for the fall of 2023 (maybe you'll come with me). I'm half Sicilian on my mothers side. My children do not live with me anymore but visit my refrigerator and washing machine often. My two boys live nearby and both are single with no kids of their own. My two dogs depend on me exclusively. I am blessed with an awesome job, a beautiful home and a great credit score. My sons say I'm what they call a normie, I am normal.
Favorite Activity #2
I have been riding for a little over eight years now with my M1 license, a member of AMA, previous Board member of Folsom HOG and Road Captain the last five years and a cleared BACA supporter with the Sacramento Chapter. I ride a 2012 Harley-Davidson Dyna Switchback to work most days. In case you're wondering, I have no tattoos and only pierced ears. Honestly, I'm not your typical biker chick. Seriously, I have a life outside of riding as well.
Favorite Activity #3
Everyone shops. Home Depot, Fry's, Sears, JCP, Macy's, WalMart, Target, Raley's, Ross, Famous Footwear, DSW Shoes, Victorias Secret, Barnes &a Noble, Best Buy, Costco, Sams Club, Shell, Chipotle, Panda Express, and Papa Murphy's to name a few. Farmers markets, craft fairs, and Apple Hill. Even window shopping is fun. I like to window shop when visiting cute little towns in our beautiful foothills. This interest includes such things as car shows, exhibits, museums, historic sites, and at such places like county fairs, street vibrations, easy rider shows, and Vegas.
What else do you like to do for fun?
Live Music and dancing, fitness, movies, wine-tasting, billiards, bowling, concerts, BBQ's, fine dining, water sports, snow skiing, muscle cars, watching football, basketball and baseball, tennis and golf. Bicycle riding, hiking, rafting, arts & crafts, reading, and sleeping.
About Tracey  
Would like to meet people for:
Would Like To Get Married
Health Care, Business Process Improvement Manager
My Income:
My Ethnicity:
Zodiac Sign:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
mostly green
My Height:
5 - 3"
Body Type:
Bachelors Degree 
Do I drink?
Do I smoke?
Do you have children?
Do you have children at home?
Are you open to having more children of your own?
Would you date someone with children?
Do you enjoy cooking?
I enjoy cooking with someone else 
Would you mind if dishes were left in the sink overnight?
What type of music do you listen to?
Classic Rock, Country, R&B, (anything but Rap) 
What modes of transportation do you have?
SUV, Motorcycle, Bike 
Do you work out?
and at home 
If at a gym, what gym?
24 Hour Fitness 


What is your favorite pet?
What pets do you own?
Where were you born?
Los Gatos, CA 
Where were you raised?
Campbell, CA 
Places you have traveled?
Not nearly enough. US, Virgin Islands, Hawaii and Mexico.
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Tracey is Looking For
I'm Looking For:
100 miles of Sacramento (95826)
Interested In:
Would Like To Get Married
Pacific Islander
Native American
Average, Proportionate, Physically Fit
No Preference
No Preference
If you have children:
No Preference
If you have children at home:
If you want children:
If you would date someone
with children:
No Preference
No Preference

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