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Success Stories

Susan & Mitch   ~ Susan joined with her best friend and they both got married ~

"I joined this site with my best friend and we both met someone on here.
Nice site. Thank you."


Michelle & Steven ~ Steven was her first date and they married~

I love this site.  I joined ant Steven was my first and last date.  I
would recommend this site to anyone.

Cathy & Chuck ~ Roaring 20's Wedding

"I was too busy to meet singles in the area. Thank you for your help in introducing us!
Here's a photo of our roaring 20's wedding."  Cathy
Thera & Bill ~ Met in Sacramento, Married in Hawaii BEFORE AND AFTER

I met Thera through this online dating site. From the moment I laid eyes on her,
I knew that she was the love of my life."  Bill


Dorris & Tom ~ He asked her to marry on the first date! Married three weeks later.

"Tom asked me to marry him on our first date. We were married three weeks later! 
-Dorris and Tom


Rebbecca and Michael ~ I was on site for 6 months but then it happened!

Michael and I met through this site and are having a good time.  I was getting frustrated
with online dating,  but then my 4th date was really great with Michael.

Debra & Dave ~Joined just for the fun of it and are now married.

Debbie and I joined together just looking to have some fun.  We are now married and Dave
and I have a new baby boy.


Neil and Tikey ~Our latest love story and they are getting Married Februay 14 ~

Tikey called to invite us to the wedding on February 14 and wanted to thank us.
Neil and Tikey ~

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