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Name: Debby
Age: 59
City: North Highlands, CA (95660)
Member Number: 10852
Verified Member: Yes  Gold StarGold StarGold StarGold Star
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I am a Female who is seeking Men for Friends, Dating, A Long Term Relationship, Dating Leading to Marriage, within 50 miles of North Highlands (95660).
About the person I would like to meet:
I would like to meet a man who truly wants to explore one another and the possibility of a long term relationship. I did check dating in that spot, HOWEVER, I am not a serial dater. I am open to marriage, but only with that man who takes those vows as seriously as I do. A gentleman who is kind, honest and loyal gets big kudos. I am very affectionate, passionate and romantic and I do look for the same. Other than that, I don't have requirements....LOL Ready to take a chance? Take my hand and let's take that leap together...
What I Do For Fun
Favorite Activity #1
Horseback Riding
I was raised on horses and could ride before I could walk. When I am riding, I experience such a feeling of freedom from all of life's entrapments. Especially when you are riding somewhere that you can just give the horse its head and the wind is blowing through the horse's mane and through your hair....oh what a feeling!!
Favorite Activity #2
Sporting Events
I have loved my Denver Broncos and football for as long as I can remember. Living in Colorado, you could see every game on TV, out here, of course, there is the Football ticket. I also really learned to enjoy NASCAR. I had my own driver picked and kept very close track of the points. Living here in California afforded me the opportunity to see both the Broncos (during a pre-season game with the 49ers) and a live NASCAR race down in LA. Both events were VERY exciting, but again, not much fun attending alone....
Favorite Activity #3
California is full of so much history and a lot of it is right out there to be seen by the naked eye!! The very first place that I would love to explore is Donner Pass/Park as I am a descendant of George Donner! (No...I don't bite...not hard at least...) LOL you knew that was coming right?
What else do you like to do for fun?
There are so many things that I call fun...but then, I look at doing those very fun things by myself....guess what happens? You got it!! It's no longer much fun...so come along with me, let's have some fun doing a whole lot of things that we never knew that we could have fun doing!!
About Debby  
Would like to meet people for:
Long Term Relationship
Open to Marriage
I spent over 30 years in the legal business, first as a secretary, but the majority as a paralegal.
My Income:
My Ethnicity:
Zodiac Sign:
Not into signs
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
My Height:
5 - 4"
Body Type:
AA Degree 
Do I drink?
Do I smoke?
Do you have children?
Do you have children at home?
Are you open to having more children of your own?
Would you date someone with children?
Do you enjoy cooking?
With someone else 
Would you mind if dishes were left in the sink overnight?
Just one night 
What type of music do you listen to?
country, old rock, sometimes other, but not often 
What modes of transportation do you have?
Do you work out?
Yes, at home. 
If at a gym, what gym?


What is your favorite pet?
horses, dogs, cats 
What pets do you own?
Dog, Cat 
Where were you born?
Where were you raised?
Places you have traveled?
I have driven from Colorado to California in 1985. Other than a few trips to the bay area and Tahoe, as I was raising my kids alone, no time, for trips. Now, I want someone to travel everywhere, however, doing that alone is not my idea of a good time. Soooo, I do desire someone to share my trips with!!!
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Debby is Looking For
I'm Looking For:
50 miles of North Highlands (95660)
Interested In:
Long Term Relationship
Open to Marriage
Thin, Average, Proportionate, Physically Fit
Spiritual, Non Denominational, Christian, Catholic, Belief in God, Spiritual
Some College, AA Degree, Bachelors Degree, Masters Degree, Doctorate, Ph.D.
If you have children:
No Preference
If you have children at home:
No Preference
If you want children:
If you would date someone
with children:
No Preference
No , Yes, lightly at social gatherings, Yes, w/ meals, Lightly

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