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Name: Vicklyn
Age: 54
City: Streetsboro, OH (44241)
Member Number: 12166
Verified Member: Yes  Gold StarGold StarGold StarGold Star
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I am a Female who is seeking Men for Friends, Dating, A Long Term Relationship, Dating Leading to Marriage, Marriage within 25 miles of Streetsboro (44241).
About the person I would like to meet:
I'm looking for a partner that is ready to enhance their life with someone special. I have a lot to give the right man but am very content and believe none of us should settle. If we meet and there is mutual chemistry I am ready to see what life has in store for the future. If we don't both feel the chemistry it's okay. I am looking for a man that is confident and fun. Someone who is able to laugh at himself at times but is secure with who he is. I want a man that enjoys getting out and doing new things but can also stay home and just relax a bit.
What I Do For Fun
Favorite Activity #1
I enjoy getting out in nature and I call my photography time my Camera Therapy. Time that I am able to get out and enjoy the sights and capture them on my camera to be able to share with others.
Favorite Activity #2
Live Music
I love to go out and enjoy live music of local bands. It's about the music and the socialization.
Favorite Activity #3
I love taking road trips and traveling when I have others to go with. I have however been known to get in the vehicle on a Saturday morning, pack a Go Bag and just drive and come back on Sunday sometime. I want to travel more in the future, working on getting my passport for the first time. Never had a partner that enjoyed it so never had a need to get it yet. Maybe that partner is you? Guess we shall see what the future may bring. :)
What else do you like to do for fun?
I enjoy road trips, photography, hiking, dancing, live music, the beach, the river, lakes, nature, wine tasting, socializing, etc. I also enjoy nice quiet nights at home with a special person sharing are dreams and goals. If that sounds like a life you would enjoy and think we are a match message me and let's talk! If we aren't a match I wish you the very best in your search! Find your happiness!
About Vicklyn  
Would like to meet people for:
Long Term Relationship
Open to Marriage
Would Like To Get Married
Consultant and Motivational Coach
My Income:
My Ethnicity:
Zodiac Sign:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
My Height:
5 - 5"
Body Type:
Bachelors Degree 
Do I drink?
Yes, lightly at social gatherings 
Do I smoke?
Do you have children?
Do you have children at home?
Are you open to having more children of your own?
Would you date someone with children?
Do you enjoy cooking?
I love to cook 
Would you mind if dishes were left in the sink overnight?
Just one night 
What type of music do you listen to?
Large Variety 
What modes of transportation do you have?
Do you work out?
Yes, at home. 
If at a gym, what gym?


What is your favorite pet?
I like all pets. 
What pets do you own?
Where were you born?
French Camp 
Where were you raised?
Places you have traveled?
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Vicklyn is Looking For
I'm Looking For:
25 miles of Streetsboro (44241)
Interested In:
Long Term Relationship
Open to Marriage
Would Like To Get Married
No Preference
Average, Proportionate, Physically Fit
Spiritual, Spiritual
Some College, AA Degree, Bachelors Degree, Masters Degree, Doctorate, Ph.D.
If you have children:
No Preference
If you have children at home:
No Preference
If you want children:
No , Maybe
If you would date someone
with children:
Yes, Maybe
No Preference

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