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Name: Ken
Age: 76
City: Sacramento, CA (95831)
Member Number: 15214
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I am a Male who is seeking Women for Friends, A Long Term Relationship, Dating Leading to Marriage, within 50 miles of Sacramento (95831).
About the person I would like to meet:
You are happy and very comfortable with who you are. You enjoy being physically active and staying fit. You are smart and confident; perhaps even smarter than I am and that's fine. ** You have a warm, engaging smile and have an affectionate manner. You enjoy good conversation but can appreciate shared quiet times as well. You enjoy doing things for your mate and expect the same from him. ** I want you to be a partner in my life. I need you to accept and value me as the person that I am; to accept that I am flawed and that I have and will make mistakes. This is not to say that bad habits can't be changed and that mistakes need to be overlooked. I want you to be happy with me; to feel happy that you chosen to be with me. **** I'm a little slow sometimes, I guess, but I just realized some data about myself that I had entered in editing my profile was not being displayed so I'm adding it here. **** As for myself, I am a happy man who is grateful for his good fortune. This is not just luck as I work at it (happily) to keep myself healthy, fit and active and doing that helps keeps me balanced. ** I am honest, responsible and always optimistic. I am intelligent, having had a successful career in information technology. I am not, however, a nerd. I am quite skilled around the house and can do plumbing, electrical and most of my own car maintenance. For example, tomorrow I'm installing a tv antenna on my roof. *** As for religious beliefs I was raised as a Catholic but have not been active for many years. I prefer, at this point, to worship on a personal level. *** I would not be a good match for a woman who wants a 'deeply christian man' to discuss her spirituality with. *** Politically I am not active but do tend to favor more moderate and liberal viewpoints. Trump supporters need not respond. I can forgive someone who voted for him before but if you would do it again I think you're beyond help. *** Age is sometimes just a number. I do not look my age. People do age differently and happily I have aged well. I certainly don't feel like a 74 year old senior citizen; more of a middle aged man with a few extra miles. *** I noticed in looking at my new photos that something didn't look right and it was my color. I'm usually tanned a bit darker. What has happened is that because of a broken foot I suffered in September I have not been spending as much time outside for about the last three months. Crutches and a surgical boot preclude a lot of outside activities. Thankfully I am now near the end of my recovery and should have my color back soon.
What I Do For Fun
Favorite Activity #1
I actually spend more time walking than cycling but cycling is the one one I enjoy more. Have been doing it for 40 years. I find it relaxing to do solo and fun with others. Hope to do my first century ride this year.
Favorite Activity #2
Snow Skiing
This is #2 based on my enjoyment level. A good day on the slopes might just be my pick as the best way to spend a day.
Favorite Activity #3
It took me a while to come around to walking. I was a runner for about 20 years. Discovered that I would feel both physically and emotionally better after walking. That's hard to beat.
What else do you like to do for fun?
Hiking, listening to live music and recorded, dining out (fine dining & better casual), movies, plays, reading mystery/detective novels
About Ken  
Would like to meet people for:
Long Term Relationship
Open to Marriage
Retired - computer systems analyst
My Income:
My Ethnicity:
Zodiac Sign:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
My Height:
5 - 6"
Body Type:
Physically Fit 
Some College 
Do I drink?
Yes, w/ meals 
Do I smoke?
Do you have children?
Do you have children at home?
Are you open to having more children of your own?
Would you date someone with children?
Do you enjoy cooking?
I like to BBQ 
Would you mind if dishes were left in the sink overnight?
Once in a while 
What type of music do you listen to?
smooth jazz, soft rock, lively classical 
What modes of transportation do you have?
Car, Motorcycle, Bike 
Do you work out?
Yes, at home. 
If at a gym, what gym?


What is your favorite pet?
What pets do you own?
Where were you born?
upstate NY near Adironack Mtns 
Where were you raised?
upstate NY 
Places you have traveled?
New Zealand, Germany, Austria, Canada, British Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic, Cancun Mexico Lived in New York, California & Georgia
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Ken is Looking For
I'm Looking For:
50 miles of Sacramento (95831)
Interested In:
Long Term Relationship
Open to Marriage
No Preference
Thin, Average, Proportionate, Physically Fit, 5 10 pounds overweight
Spiritual, Non Denominational, Christian, Catholic, Belief in God, Protestant, Jewish, Agnostic, Athiest, Spiritual
No Preference
If you have children:
No Preference
If you have children at home:
No Preference
If you want children:
No Preference
If you would date someone
with children:

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3400 Bradshaw Road, Suite A1, Sacramento, CA 95827