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Name: Tom
Age: 80
City: Loomis, CA (95650)
Member Number: 9689
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I am a Male who is seeking Women for A Long Term Relationship, within 100 miles of Loomis (95650).
About the person I would like to meet:
I am looking for a female companion to accomopany me on weekend trips and possibly some traveling. I particularily like the girl-next-door type. Blue Jeans are fine along with dress for an occasional dinning out
What I Do For Fun
Favorite Activity #1
I enjoy the out doors whether it be fishing the ocean or hiking in the mountains, or fishing my favorite spot. I also enjoy hunting especially when its a family outing. I find enjoyment in weekend drives and exploring old gold mine towns especially on weekend motorcycle rides. I ride horse back to some of my favorite camping spots and hunting locatins. I have some horse property and I am interested in purchasing a couple more horses. I enjoy boating as I own a number of motor boats and sail boats. I have done some traveling to Europe and taken a couple ocean cruses, but now I would like to travel around the North American continent to interesting State and Federal parks in my motorhome. I especially would like to visit the four corner states and visit the ancient ruines.
Favorite Activity #2
I am a avid gardener during the summer months. The local deer herds seem to also enjoy the plants that I have planted. They eat almost every thing. I live on 12.5 acres site of heavily forested land with much of it in its natural state. Vegetable gardening is difficult with the deer population, but I try every year. Citrus fruit is difficult to grow in this area because of the frost, but I keep trying, also.
Favorite Activity #3
Home Remodeling
Earlier in my career, I worked the construction trades and enjoy building things from homes, boats to log cabins. I have a number of projects around the house and surrounding acreage that keeps me quite busy. I now have available time to work on these favorite projects. I especially like english tudor designed houses and corresponding landscape.
What else do you like to do for fun?
I like to attend western music concerts; Merle Haggard and such. I always attent the Auburn Fair, garden shows, and sporting shows and Cal Expo. I enjoy taking in a movie especially if the film has received excellent reviews. I usually go about once per month. Some of those Clint Eastwood movies are great. I took some private flying lessons at the Auburn airport up to solo, and attended ground school, but traveling by motorhome more enjoyable.
About Tom  
Would like to meet people for:
Long Term Relationship
Financial Manager for banking construction
My Income:
My Ethnicity:
Zodiac Sign:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
My Height:
6 - 2"
Body Type:
Physically Fit 
Bachelors Degree 
Do I drink?
Yes, lightly at social gatherings 
Do I smoke?
Do you have children?
Do you have children at home?
Are you open to having more children of your own?
No, but I would not mind dating someone with children. 
Would you date someone with children?
Do you enjoy cooking?
On Occasion 
Would you mind if dishes were left in the sink overnight?
What type of music do you listen to?
I follow Western music but also enjoy jazz 
What modes of transportation do you have?
Do you work out?
Yes, at home. 
If at a gym, what gym?
I used to attend 24 Hour, but my home projects keep me bush now days. 


What is your favorite pet?
Dogs, cats, horses, cows, chickens, geese, ducks 
What pets do you own?
Where were you born?
Sacramento, CA 
Where were you raised?
Sacramento, CA 
Places you have traveled?
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Tom is Looking For
I'm Looking For:
100 miles of Loomis (95650)
Interested In:
Long Term Relationship
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If you have children:
No Preference
If you have children at home:
No Preference
If you want children:
No Preference
If you would date someone
with children:
No Preference
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